Harris D Gulko

I was always fearful of retiring – as I had no hobbies apart from reading, 

I had no idea what I would do after I retired. 

But shortly after I finally did retire my wife and I were at a restaurant,

and in an adjourning room there was a display of art. I admired the

paintings and my wife suggested that I would be able to paint like that.

At first I was sure she was teasing me, but she added, in all

seriousness: “Your mother took up painting after her age 80 – why

don’t you try – art might be in your genes”. I took her good advice, 

and next day I went out and bought the required material. 

After a few months I was disappointed in the canvases I had produced, 

but as luck would have it, I read a book on painting and there found a quote from the artist Gregg Kreutz . 

I don’t have to think I am a great painter, but I need to feel that what

I seek is a great painting – that any moment the canvas could come alive and become a beautiful picture. 

That gave me a great boost, and I went back to my easel, and now try for that beautiful picture that artist Kreutz referred to, and have much pleasure

in this pursuit. I have since established a small gallery

and a website, as apparently some people believe I have produced some beautiful pictures, because they buy them!

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